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Hawaiian Sun Pineapple Jam 10 oz

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Pineapples were discovered by European explorers who discovered the fruit in America in 1664. The plant can grow up to 5'. The fruit grows to about 18" tall including the crown and 7" to 8" in diameter. High in acidy, pineapples were widely cultivated in Hawaii and it's first production plant was introduced in 1886. One of the most recognized industrialists by the name of James Dole move to Hawaii in 1899 and started a plantation in 1900 and grew into a major company, Dole Food Company. Dole ceased there canning operations in Hawaii in 2008. The world production of pineapple in 2016 was 25.8 million tons and the largest producers were from Costa Rica, Brazil and Philippines. The meaty pulp is cooked and processed into a preserve. It is a source for manganese and vitamin C. Spread it over your favorite baked product and taste the tropical sweetness brought to you by Hawaiian Sun Products, USA.

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