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At Only from Hawaii, we are committed to offering the very best combination of product, price, service and shipping rates to our valued customers. Since our modest beginning in 2011, our patron account sign-ups now exceeds 4,200.  We are proud of our accomplishments and with continued team efforts, expect to attain much higher levels in 2019. We are the leading independent e-commerce merchant of Hawaiian foods and associated products shipped from one location based on the mainland USA. 

Hawaiian Sun drinks are by far the most frequently ordered items that we ship out of our Las Vegas, Nevada facility.  We commonly ship six packs and full cases to all points across the nation.  Coconut pancake syrups, jams and jellies, powdered fruit drinks, pancake mixes and concentrated fruit syrups are also popular selections produced at this iconic Hawaii based business.  The factory also produces chocolate macadamia nut candies in attractive gift boxes.  Hand dipped in a special blend of chocolate, only selected macadamia nuts are used in all varieties.  Founded in 1952 and starting as papaya farmers, Hawaiian Sun expanded into producing canned papaya juice.  This successful venture led to the production of various flavors of canned tropical fruit drinks.  The company has grown to it’s current size of 36,000 square feet of production area, warehousing and offices.  The factory is located in the Kalihi industrial area on the capitol island of Oahu.  All Hawaiian Sun products can be found in many stores across Hawaii, the USA and worldwide.


Li hing dried plums have been an island favorite snack food for generations.  The word “li hing” means sweet and sour.  It was first brought over from China and first packaged and sold as “Li Hing Mui” by the Yick Lung Company.  Both kids and adults love to suck on the seeds which is so flavorful and even makes your mouth water and crave for more.  The powdered form has many applications, most notably in salads and in alcoholic beverages.


Leis are a symbol of greetings, friendship and respect.  It is often given and worn at weddings, parties and graduations.  Our lei netting has earned a place in this forum as one of our most requested items.  Twelve feet in length and can be cut to the desired size, the lei pods are made from pliable plastic and anything from fruits, gums, candies, charms and even monetary bills can be inserted


Diamond Bakery has earned the reputation of producing some of the best crackers made in Hawaii.  Their soda cracker is our most requested.  It is followed by Royal Creem and Saloon Pilot.  Each has earned it’s place on the eating tales in most homes in Hawaii.  Each are available in single trays or the popular multi tray family size boxes.  Founded 1921 by three immigrants from Japan, realized their vision to becoming the largest bakery of crackers and cookies in the state.  Topping any of these crackers with Hawaiian Sun’s jams or jellies makes for a truly all Hawaiian treat. 


Flip thru our newly re-designed selling pages to see hundreds of Hawaiian delights.  We would love to hear from you.  We welcome any comments or questions you may have regarding any product or service offered by ONLYFROMHAWAII.COM


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