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***Frozen/Chilled Items Must be ordered seperate from all other non frozen items.

School Kine Cookies

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Li Hing Powder -The Topping you can put on Anything!!

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Island Favorite Coffee

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We understand and sympathize with you at the high shipping rates charged by major shipping companies that you are being forced to pay.  In our effort to help lessen the burden, we are proud to offer a shipping discount program based

on the amount of purchase.  The chart below describes the discount percentage that will be deducted directly off your product purchase.  The dollar value will be shown as a line item deduction when you check-out.  We hope you will take advantage of this program to enjoy the savings for years to come.                                                         

            PURCHASE    $40   -     $64.99     RECEIVE A    3%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE    $65   -     $89.99     RECEIVE A    5%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE    $90   -   $114.99      RECEIVE A    6%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE    $115  -  $149.99       RECEIVE A    8%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE   $150 +                        RECEIVE A  10%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

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