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Frozen/Chilled Items

Must be ordered separately from

all other non-frozen items.


Frozen/Chilled Items

Must be ordered separately from

all other non-frozen items.

ONLY FROM HAWAII and COVID-19: A Message to our Customers. 


To our valued customers

The devastation to our nation by the Coronavirus has unavoidably affected our ability to fulfill all orders completely.  Please note that we have had to delete many of the most popular items from our selling pages which was caused by the nationwide shutdown of most passenger and cargo shipments to our city.  The vast majority of the products we sell are manufactured in Hawaii.  We are very dependent on this method of shipping.  We are researching alternative methods in order to continue a flow of products shipping into us. Whatever method we use will create shortages and delays in receiving inventory.  We are trying our best to overcome these obstacles and ask for your patience until our business stabilizes.  We will keep you abreast of the ongoing situation and let you know by posting messages on our home page when popular items are back in stock.

Please be safe.

Your friends at Only from Hawaii.



We are still shipping out orders Monday- Friday. 

We are doing our best to maintain accurate inventory so that if something is on the website it is most likely in stock. In the event it is out of stock we will promptly refund it and mail the remainder of the order. 

Please Note: Due to exceptionally high order volumes and extra safety precautions at our warehouse, some orders are taking longer than usual to ship. While some orders ship immediately, others may take up to an extra week. We would notify you by email should we encounter further delays beyond one week. We are working around the clock to process orders ASAP and appreciate your patience should you encounter a delay. Thank you.

School Kine Cookies


We understand and sympathize with you at the high shipping rates charged by major shipping companies that you are being forced to pay.  In our effort to help lessen the burden, we are proud to offer a shipping discount program based on the amount of purchase.  The chart below describes the discount percentage that will be deducted directly from your product purchase.  The dollar value will be shown as a line item deduction when you check-out.  We hope you will take advantage of this program to enjoy the savings for years to come.                                                         


            PURCHASE    $40   -     $64.99     RECEIVE A    3%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE    $65   -     $89.99     RECEIVE A    5%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE    $90   -   $114.99     RECEIVE A    6%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE    $115  -  $149.99     RECEIVE A    8%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

            PURCHASE   $150 +                        RECEIVE A  10%   SHIPPING DISCOUNT

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  • Location: Orders are shipped out of Las Vegas, NV. Monday-Friday. 

  • In order to ensure the safety of our employees, the Local pickup option has been disabled for the foreseeable future.  Thank you for your understanding.  We hope everyone stays safe. 

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