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Tako (Octopus) Sliced 2.2lb

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Tako Slice (octopus), great for Poke & Sushi! Wild Caught, Product of Vietnam.

Imported & Distributed by: Day-Lee Foods, INC. Los Angeles & San Francisco.
Ingredients: Octopus, Salt, Sulfite
Packing & Net Weight: 2.2LB (1.0KG) NET/TRAY

Outside of Japan, you can find octopuses being enjoyed by many other cultures, from Asia, the Mediterranean, and Hawaiian islands to South and Central America.

The texture is a bit chewy, but when sliced thin, it can be consumed easily by adults.

For Tako Su, we simply combine the thinly sliced octopus with crunchy cucumber, wakame, and toasted sesame seeds before tossing it in a light Japanese vinaigrette. The contrasting colors and textures of the salad, in my opinion, are a celebration of what nature has provided us. An exemplification of what good food is all about.

I know octopus may not be for everyone, but I hope those of you adventurous eaters will give this salad recipe a try. It’s yummy and low in calories, making it a delightful side dish to serve especially on a midsummer dinner.

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