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Franks Foods Franks 16 oz

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Product Details

  • Brought to Hawaii and named after the Portuguese who brought linguica sausages from the homeland.
  • It is popular in various areas of the US, especially in the northeast coastal states. Frank’s Foods is a family owned corporation started by Frank Frenz in 1955 and since their inception, have provided quality service and meat, sausage, poultry, and limited seafood products to the Big Island. Located in Waiakea Uka, Frank's Foods products are also sold in all major grocery stores thru out the state.
  • The locals love It as a popular Hawaiian breakfast meat item when sliced and served together with eggs and rice. Additional spiciness is added to this sausage for those like it hot. When diced, It is often used in omelets and side dishes at luaus Still packaged in the classic ring form as it was done in the old days.
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