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KJ's Kim Chee 12oz

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There are various records left of ancient Korean dishes called ‘Gee’ which means vegetable pickled with salt. If the vegetable can take salt, it can be made into Kimchi; pumpkin, cucumber, white radish, and many other greens, roots, and vegetables.

Here are lists of facts about Kimchi.
1. It doesn’t require vinegar. The sour taste comes from natural fermentation. DO NOT add vinegar!!!
2. No iodized salt, please. I learned this in a very hard way. Somehow when I made Kimchi with iodized salt, it ruined fermentation.
3. It may not be vegetarian. Please check the label when you buy Kimchi. A small amount of fish sauce or oyster may be used to flavor of it.

Napa cabbage 5 lb, 1 cup Kosher salt, 1 big Korean pear (also known as Asian pear, optional), 2 lb White radish (AKA Daikang radish), 12 Green onions, One head of Garlic and an equal amount of Ginger, 1 cup water, 1 1/2 T Rice flour, 3 T or more Korean chili powder (up to the taste)

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