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Hawaii's Choice Li Hing Roselle Chew Candy 1lb Jar

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Product Details

Each one-pound (16 oz) plastic container contains individually wrapped pieces of flavorful Li Hing Roselle chewy candy that melts in your mouth.

Original Light tasty alternative to the popular original intense sweet-salty plums in Asia available as a compressed tablet form. A savory plum flavor as a well-known favorite of the Hawaiian Islands for generations since the early 1900s.

Relieves dry mouth during speaking engagements! Hawaii’s Choice Li Hing Roselle candy causes your mouth to salivate soothing a dry throat while delivering presentations.

Hawaii’s Choice Li Hing Roselle candy has a unique blend of ingredients that are a popular favorite around the world.

The Roselle plant is a member of the Hibiscus family and is used in many folk medicines. Fresh roselle or dried calyces are used to make a beverage that tastes like Ribena. Li Hing Roselle chewy candy has a deeply refreshing flavor of light plum and roselle.

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